Mimsy is not meant to be merely a robot, it is meant to be an extensible STEM learning platform.

Vorpal Robotics encourages educators, students, and hobbyists to contribute their own extensions by adding to this Wikia (and uploading supporting files where necessary like software or 3D printer files).

Be aware that anything you post to Wikia is covered by the Wikia License and you are in effect contributing your ideas to the public.

What can you contribute, and what is the proper way to organize your contributions in Wikia? Here are some guidelines.

How to Post Your Hardware and Software ExtensionsEdit

You can design a new piece of hardware that attaches to Mimsy using Mimsy Accessory Ports or by other means of your own design (even Velcro could work for some applications). Your accessories could be simple decorations, or they could be active actuators that are wired into the Arduino Nano for program control.

You can also post your own software to run direclty on Mimsy. You could either start with the source code for the on board program that is preloaded with new Mimsy robotics, or you are welcome to start from scratch if you are an advanced Arduino programmer.

When posting your hardware and software extensions, first add an entry to the Vorpal Mimsy Contributed Extensions. On this page you will give only a brief summary of your contribution, but you will link to a full page of information on just your contribution. Just follow the example contribution you see on that page.

Be sure to give clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use your creation! Pictures are always helpful, especially of a new piece of hardware to show how it attaches to Mimsy. You can also upload a short video showing your hardware or software in action.

Posting Software ListingsEdit

You can either use the "Preformatted" font then copy/paste the contents of your Arduino INO file right into your project's wiki page, or you can link out to an external software hosting website like Github to provide your files (recommended for larger programs or more extensive projects that may need revisions over time).

Posting STL or DXF Files for 3D Printing or CNCEdit

You can't post anything other than images or videos to Wikia, so for files meant to be 3D printed or otherwise manufactured, we recommend you use an external link to a community site specifically geared for that purpose, such as Thingiverse. Your project page would simply link to your page on such an external site to provide the actual files.